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I’m still in my editing cave, the grass needs cutting, the other novel needs writing, and the kids are starting to smell weird.  And yet, I’m blogging.  Don’t worry, I’ll be brief.

Dumb Writing Habits I Should Do Something About

  1. Eating while I write.  On the one hand, it makes writing WAY more fun, but now I need an exercise bike with a ledge for my laptop just to balance things out. 
  2. Feeling guilty if I’m writing while my kids are awake, and feeling guilty if I’m not writing while they’re asleep.  It’s an exhausting amount of guilt, really.  I don’t recommend it.
  3. Not having my head in the PR game.  When people find out I’m a writer they expect me to have something intelligent to say.  I usually set them straight with comments like, “Did anyone see the Bachelor Pad last night?  Yeah, that ruled.”   And then I realize I should maybe try to say something smart so people want to buy my book, but by then it’s too late.
  4. Worrying about disappointing my family and friends with my writing.  You’d think I’d be over it at the ripe old age of 31, but I’m not.  I start worrying and then I see the delete button and then….
  5. The internet.  Oh, you tempting she-devil, you. 
My Blog Posting Formula
1.       Write something
2.       Ask my husband to read it and give me his opinion
3.       Listen to his opinion
4.       Yell at him
5.       Begrudgingly implement his suggestions, because they’re pretty good
6.       Apologize for yelling at him 
*Note: #6 is optional, as in, sometimes I just think I should really apologize and that seems to work well enough.

**Another Note: I didn’t follow this formula today.  He would’ve said something like, “Maybe you should just wait to post until you have time to write something good…”

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