Month: July 2011


(Disclaimer: This feels funny. And by this I mean posting my blurbs, and by funny I mean braggy.  On the other hand, this is an AUTHOR BLOG, which means it’s supposed to be narcissism running rampant in the name of marketing, right?  But if it feels like a bit much, maybe you should skip this post and read something a little more self-loathing.  I’m thinking The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath.  Have fun.)


For those of you still with me, my editor just sent me four blurbs from amazing, superstar, I-might-forget-how-to-speak-if-I-ever-get-to-meet-them authors.  Except I did meet one of them at ALA, and I got only moderately tongue-tied!  The blurbs will be used on VIRTUOSITY’s book jacket, Amazon description, promotional materials, press releases, etc.  They may also be stenciled on my walls and tattooed on my children.    

Without further ado, here’s what some incredible authors are saying about VIRTUOSITY:


“An intoxicating blend of passion, vulnerability, and the desire to have it all, no matter the cost. A mesmerizing read.” –Lauren Myracle, bestselling author of Shine and ttyl

“Passionate and true, Virtuosity sings from first page to last. I followed Carmen’s intense journey through obsession, heartbreak, and self-discovery as if her struggles and triumphs were my own.” –Sarah Ockler, author of Fixing Delilah and Twenty Boy Summer

“Beautiful writing, a swoon-worthy romance, and tension that will keep you turning the pages. Virtuosity is pitch-perfect.” –Lauren Barnholdt, author of Sometimes It Happens and Two-Way Street

“Heartfelt, gripping, and unflinchingly authentic. Virtuosity will change the way you think about music.” –Antony John, author of Five Flavors of Dumb


I’m so appreciative to these authors for taking the time to read and then say nice things about my book, but I don’t know quite how to thank them.  Do I send flowers? Chocolates? Stalker-ish emails? So far I’ve only done the last one.

UK Cover Love

Lots of good news today! 

First, I give you Virtuosity’s United Kingdom cover.  I love it.  I think it’s gorgeous, but if asked which I like better, I honestly don’t know.  Or I think I know, and then I change my mind five minutes later.  Thoughts? 

It’s so different than than the American cover, and there are things I’m drawn to in both.  I’m hesitant to say which things though, because I like to hear what people like or dislike without my ever-changing opinion muddying things.  It definitely makes me excited to see the others… 

And speaking of others, Chinese and German subrights have sold!  Actually, it’s simplified Chinese.  I’m not sure what that means, but I really hope it doesn’t mean everything but nouns and verbs get taken out.  That would be weird.

Last but definitely not least, I found out that Virtuosity has been chosen as a Junior Library Guild Selection!  I’m celebrating by going to the library today and paying my fines.  Yes, AGAIN.  And yes, I did just pay fines before I went to ALA (it seemed wrong to go frolick with librarians when my fines were just a hair over $10.)  Here’s the excuse I give my husband who is curious about my inability to use the library for free: I’ve got a lot of books, CDs, DVDs, etc. coming and going for a lot of different people (okay, me and two kids) and it’s easy to lose track when you’re out of town and everything has a different due date and you think you still have one more renewal but you don’t–and it’s still cheaper than buying every single book I need to read (and I do buy a ton of books too), so what’s the big deal?  That is all.  I love libraries.  And librarians.  And especially the Junior Library Guild. 

In fact, I’m giving an assignment: everyone, go and find a librarian to kiss.  Librarians, consider yourselves warned.