Month: September 2011

A Month To Go…

Check out my countdown widget!  It’s a little gift from Petra at 

Thank you, Petra!


So, one month.

I’m not freaking out, but I have the distinct impression I should be.  (Maybe because the widget sort of resembles a ticking time bomb?)  Anyway, I should at least be doing something, so in lieu of a good freak out, I’ve decided to do some FAQs.  Anybody remember a while back when I did some FAQs that were really just random questions I made up?  Good times.  As much fun as that was, I figured this might be slightly more helpful since everybody I see has been asking me:


1.  “Are you having a launch party?”

    YES!  AND YOU’RE ALL INVITED!  Here are the details:

    Date: Tuesday, October 18th 
    Time: 6:30 pm
    Location: Barnes & Noble, Waterford Lakes Town Center, Orlando, Florida.

    I’m promising a bump up on the friend scale for all who attend.  If we’re just acquaintances, we’ll officially become friends.  If we’re already good friends, you’ll be put on the list of people I’d give a kidney or an ovary or an eyeball to.  If we’re mortal enemies, we’ll just mildly hate each other after the event.  And so on.

    If you need more incentive, there’ll be a reading, book signing, some violin playing, door prizes, piñatas, pony rides, a bounce house, and my husband will be jumping out of a cake wearing a coconut bra.  From pinatas on is a lie, but you should come anyways.

    Seriously, everybody and their mother is invited.  I aim to make that B&N wish I’d never been born.


    2.  “Where can I buy VIRTUOSITY?”

      If you’re planning on coming to my launch party, please buy it there.  You know, so B&N is less annoyed about the ponies and all the customers they’ll lose when my husband jumps out of that cake.

      For those of you too far away, it can be pre-ordered now on any of the links on my “novels” page on this website, or by going directly to Indiebound, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble websites.

      It will also be on the shelves at actual bookstores—B&N, local independent bookstores, and Chapters Indigo for my Canadian peeps—on October 18th.


      3.  “Are you doing a book tour?”

        Yes.  I’m participating in a book tour called Stages on Pages .  We are a group of YA authors who write about the performing arts.  I’ll be at the events in the Seattle area (Nov 3-5), and NYC (Nov 10-13), and possibly more in 2012.

        Apart from the Stages on Pages events, I’ll also be participating in the GLIBA trade show in Michigan (Oct 15-17) and the Miami Book Fair International (Nov 19-21).

        I’ll post dates, times, and locations of actual events closer to the dates, so if you live in any of those areas, I’d love it if you came to say hi. 


        4.  “Is your next book a sequel to VIRTUOSITY?”

          Negative.  It’s a stand-alone and it comes out in October of 2012.  It’s also YA.  I still haven’t come up with a title.  Stop hassling me.


          5.  “How did you get the black eyes?”

            They’re not black eyes. They’re just deep set. And if I’m looking a little haggard it’s because my husband has been out of town which means I’m single parenting and then staying up all night reading/writing because nobody is there to tell me to stop being crazy and go to sleep.

            I don’t know if being asked this question twice makes it a FAQ, but I thought it should be addressed anyway.


            Later folks.  I’m going to go practice my published author swagger, cause I’ve only got a month to get it down.