Month: August 2012

Big Changes Ahead

Personally, this is the happiest development ever.  I can’t begin to describe how thrilled I am.

But since this is supposedly a writing blog, let’s talk professionally.  Professionally this means some minor adjustments.  To paraphrase Darwin, my writing career has to ADAPT OR DIE.  I’m choosing adapt.

Minor Adjustments for Baby #3

1.  My writing room, which I was already sharing with one child, no longer exists.  I’m now sandwiched between a hamper and a rocking chair in my bedroom, but whatever.  Seriously, whatever.  I can write anywhere.

2.  Sometimes I’d rather be vomiting and eating ketchup sandwiches than writing.  It may sound like I mean those activities to be in reverse order, but I don’t.  Anyway.  Rather than feeling bad about the occasional loss of mojo, I’m cutting myself a little slack.  Okay, sometimes I’m freaking out about it, but I’m trying to cut myself a little slack, and I’m instructing family members to shake me hard when I’m yelling at myself for being less productive than I want to be.

3.  I’m going back to being a naptime/nighttime writer.  Sleep is for suckers.


        That’s it.  Bring it, baby.