Another Book Is Born

 Welcome to the world, book baby!

It’s pub day and I’m celebrating in style this year.  And by style I mean like a lazy pregnant lady.  I got a mani-pedi (see fancy nails above) and there is a massage in my very near future.  That’s it.  

I know.  You’re wondering if this is what smart marketing-minded writers do on the long-awaited day their book becomes available for purchase.  The answer would be no.  They have launch events, write dozens of posts for multiple blog tours, tweet every thirty seconds, and gear up for a cross-country book tour (see ME last October).  Don’t get me wrong—that was awesome, and maybe I’ll do it again someday.  But this year I’m getting pampered and possibly renting Footloose.  Yes, again.  Don’t judge me.  It just feels right.

Now.  Go storm your nearest bookstore and buy THE SPACE BETWEEN US, please.  (Or click on the “Novels” link above to buy it online.)

Hey, I just thought of something.  Does anyone remember when NPR was like, “We know our pledge drive is the most annoying two weeks of your year, so we’re only going to do one day of it, but you guys have to pony up and donate right now so we make the same amount of money.”?  It was a few years ago and I don’t remember the details or if it worked.  But in that same spirit of rewarding someone for harrassing you less, if you guys could make my slothful marketing work for me by buying three times as many books as last year that would rule.  Then authors everywhere would start copying my lazy-pregnant-lady model (minus the pregnant, because copying me is probably the wrong reason to get knocked up) and everyone would have more time/sanity to devote to writing their next book.

If you aren’t buying the book today, I forgive you.  We can still be friends, but at the very least you need to go get yourself a mani-pedi for solidarity.  Actually, that’s an order.  Go! Run! Now!

You’re welcome.


*Orlando friends: I just got off the phone with Waterford Lakes B&N. They have one copy left, but are expecting 15 more by the end of this week. Do with that what you will.

5 thoughts on “Another Book Is Born

  1. I’m reading this book right now. I love the entire book – characters, story. I’m going to stop typing this and get back to reading.

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