Best. Mother’s Day Gift. Ever.



(Him: What’s a selfie? Me: Are you for real?)

People don’t know this, but I’m not the only writer in my family. My husband (whom I met in a college English class) wrote this poem for me for Mother’s Day. If it’s not funny to you, that’s okay. He’s an acquired taste. But I laughed so hard I cried–real tears rolling down my cheeks. Who doesn’t want to be called a leprechaun on Mother’s Day?


“There Would Be No You”


Without leprechauns, there would be no rainbows,

Without unicorns, there would be no leprechauns,

Without symphonies, there would be no music,

And without mothers, there would be no you.

But there are rainbows,

And there are unicorns,

unicorns prancing like ponies

And there are leprechauns at the symphony every day, listening, living,


And most of all, there are mothers,

And there is you

You are our rainbow, our symphony, our leprechaun

Without mothers, there would be no you.

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