Big Changes Ahead

Personally, this is the happiest development ever.  I can’t begin to describe how thrilled I am.

But since this is supposedly a writing blog, let’s talk professionally.  Professionally this means some minor adjustments.  To paraphrase Darwin, my writing career has to ADAPT OR DIE.  I’m choosing adapt.

Minor Adjustments for Baby #3

1.  My writing room, which I was already sharing with one child, no longer exists.  I’m now sandwiched between a hamper and a rocking chair in my bedroom, but whatever.  Seriously, whatever.  I can write anywhere.

2.  Sometimes I’d rather be vomiting and eating ketchup sandwiches than writing.  It may sound like I mean those activities to be in reverse order, but I don’t.  Anyway.  Rather than feeling bad about the occasional loss of mojo, I’m cutting myself a little slack.  Okay, sometimes I’m freaking out about it, but I’m trying to cut myself a little slack, and I’m instructing family members to shake me hard when I’m yelling at myself for being less productive than I want to be.

3.  I’m going back to being a naptime/nighttime writer.  Sleep is for suckers.


        That’s it.  Bring it, baby.

        3 thoughts on “Big Changes Ahead

        1. YAYYYYYYYYYYY! (not for the morning sickness) Congrats, Jessica! And yes, this is the best thing ever. All about perspective…

        2. Can’t wait to read the next book! When I was pregnant last Halloween, I went as a Jack-O-Lantern: I wore an orange shirt and Morgan made eyes, nose, and mouth out of hockey tape on my belly.

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