(Disclaimer: This feels funny. And by this I mean posting my blurbs, and by funny I mean braggy.  On the other hand, this is an AUTHOR BLOG, which means it’s supposed to be narcissism running rampant in the name of marketing, right?  But if it feels like a bit much, maybe you should skip this post and read something a little more self-loathing.  I’m thinking The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath.  Have fun.)


For those of you still with me, my editor just sent me four blurbs from amazing, superstar, I-might-forget-how-to-speak-if-I-ever-get-to-meet-them authors.  Except I did meet one of them at ALA, and I got only moderately tongue-tied!  The blurbs will be used on VIRTUOSITY’s book jacket, Amazon description, promotional materials, press releases, etc.  They may also be stenciled on my walls and tattooed on my children.    

Without further ado, here’s what some incredible authors are saying about VIRTUOSITY:


“An intoxicating blend of passion, vulnerability, and the desire to have it all, no matter the cost. A mesmerizing read.” –Lauren Myracle, bestselling author of Shine and ttyl

“Passionate and true, Virtuosity sings from first page to last. I followed Carmen’s intense journey through obsession, heartbreak, and self-discovery as if her struggles and triumphs were my own.” –Sarah Ockler, author of Fixing Delilah and Twenty Boy Summer

“Beautiful writing, a swoon-worthy romance, and tension that will keep you turning the pages. Virtuosity is pitch-perfect.” –Lauren Barnholdt, author of Sometimes It Happens and Two-Way Street

“Heartfelt, gripping, and unflinchingly authentic. Virtuosity will change the way you think about music.” –Antony John, author of Five Flavors of Dumb


I’m so appreciative to these authors for taking the time to read and then say nice things about my book, but I don’t know quite how to thank them.  Do I send flowers? Chocolates? Stalker-ish emails? So far I’ve only done the last one.

8 thoughts on “Blurb-apalooza

  1. not braggy! after all, you didn’t write these yourself. the praise is deserved; you wrote a great book (and I don’t even really read a ton of YA). They forgot to mention that it is funny, too, but your blog makes sure your readers are on notice.

  2. ahhhh, all those amazing authors! (well, barring one, but let’s not get into that, since it’s a matter of personal choices and all. and besides, that would be just mean.)

    sarah ockler just so happens to be one of my favorite authors EVERRRR.

    and the praise? totally true. 😀

  3. Jessica this makes me even more excited to read your book. I got my drivers license the this week and the very first thing I did the next day was get my library card. I totally thought of you while I was there. It is this tiny really limited library but I just fell in love with it (like I do all libraries). The YA section was just one small wall and all I thought was when Jessica’s book comes out I’m going to buy two copies one for me and one to donate to this adorably small library. So be warned that Lake Wylie, SC library will have a copy of your book 🙂 Miss you and wish I could have seen you before I left.

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