Book lovin’

For the love of good books and adorable girls, get a load of these pictures!  Can I tell you how much I love my publisher? Shall we all take a moment to reflect on the awesomeness of Simon Pulse?

Okay, here’s the story.  A couple of weeks ago I spoke to a group of 16- and 17-year-old girls from my church about books, writing, reading, schooling, etc.  I had so much fun that I left mildly confused about how old I actually was.  I mean, I felt 17, but then at the end of the night when we all got into our respective minivans, I realized I was the only girl not driving her mom’s vehicle.  That was kind of the lamest moment of the evening for me.  

Anyway, for reasons unknown these smart girls treated me like a rockstar and told me they were starting my fan club, which automatically made them my new best friends.  When one girl told me she really wanted to be an editor but couldn’t find much info about the career path, I had no hesitations asking my editor and her assistant if they’d answer her questions.  Genius move on my part. (And not calculated, I swear.)  Not only did Anica and Guillian answer her questions, they actually put a whole box full of Simon Pulse books in the mail for the group! 

Honestly, it took all of my self control to pass the box along, and I did spend a moment or two talking to the books first.  There may have been some cuddling also.

I couldn’t be there when the girls opened up the box, though I’m told there was high pitched I-just-won-the-lottery screaming before they descended like vultures on roadkill.  No hair pulling, but I wouldn’t have blamed them if there was.   Anyway, they managed to divi the books up, and now they’re being read and passed along, just as all good books deserve to be.

On to part 3 of people being unreasonably nice to me: I asked their group leader to take a couple of pictures so I could post them.  Another genius move.  (And again not calculated.)  I had no idea they’d set up a real photoshoot for the next day with a real photographer.  Apparently, my fan club loves having their picture taken almost as much as they love books.  Not all of them could be there for the shoot, but as you can see, the ones in attendance posed extra sassy.

So to all the people who made this awesomeness happen—Guillian and Anica and Jennifer (the photographer) and all the girls—THANK YOU!!!


P.S. I’m still figuring out this new blog, so I apologize for the wonky formatting, what with the wide pictures and the skinny text.  But what’s a girl to do when she likes her pictures huge and doesn’t quite know how to get the text to go all the way across?  My brother-in-law/web designer  dares to live two time zones over, which means I probably shouldn’t be calling him first thing in the morning if we’re going to remain friends.  Oh, and I couldn’t just wait until later in the day to post because I have almost zero impulse control. 

For the love of good books and adorable girls, get a load of these pictures!  Can I tell you how much I love Simon Pulse? 

9 thoughts on “Book lovin’

  1. Seeing all of those books made me wish I was 17 all over again too, but only for a minute and only if I could have been as lucky as they were. So much fun!

  2. Jessica,
    Looks like the issue with the formatting of the blog is that the center column just needs to be wider, as to let the text go farther across (If you look at the pictures, they are overlapping your right hand side column)

    Let me know if you need some help,

  3. What fantastic pictures and what cute girls. You’re right about being surrounded by great people–generous editor, wonderful photographer friend and really adorable fan club. I loved the post, keep them coming!

  4. Every little dream coming true! How utterly cool these girls are so excited about you as an author, excited about reading, and now how a pile of new books!

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