No More Teasers: Actual Cover Reveal!

Without Further Ado…


And here’s the pitch:

From the author of Virtuosity, a novel about two sisters and the secrets they tell, the secrets they keep, and the secret that tears them apart.

Amelia is used to being upstaged by her charismatic younger sister, Charly. She doesn’t mind, mostly, that it always falls to her to cover for Charly’s crazy, impulsive antics. But one night, Charly’s thoughtlessness goes way too far, and she lands them both in serious trouble.

Amelia’s not sure she can forgive Charly this time, and not sure she wants to…but the situation is even worse than either of them realizes. Amelia has no choice but to give up everything–her friends, her future, her dream–in order to cover for Charly’s huge mistake.

Amelia doesn’t understand how her sister could have done this to them both. What she doesn’t know is that Charly is hiding a terrible secret—one with the potential to change everything.


I’m in love with this cover! These girls look exactly how I pictured them, and I’ve already expressed my strange-but-true burgeoning love for the color pink.  Thoughts?

Oh, and pub date is 10/16/12.

16 thoughts on “No More Teasers: Actual Cover Reveal!

  1. This sounds so good! I am really looking forward to reading it–hopefully this spring on my e-reader. You are such a talented writer and this plot sounds like it would be a great read evenn in lesser hands.

  2. Love love love this, Jessica! And can’t wait to read it. Hmm. Maybe I’ll have to let Those With Access To Early Copies know….

  3. Thanks guys! Yes, go ahead and tap your, um, resources to see if they’ll hook you up. And JESSICA LOW can I just tell you how happy it makes me to see your name?! I was like, Oh look, I’m emailing myself from 12 years ago! Sigh, enjoy it, J.Lo.

    Oh and it comes out October 16.

  4. Perfect Cover. I love it …and not just because I too am obsessed with pink (but I truly am). These girls make me want to read about their lives. Can’t wait.

  5. Great pitch! Captivating without even hinting at what the secrets could be, so they will be shocking whatever they are because it could be anything.

    The cover looks great and I’m loving the pink tint to the picture. Congratulations!

  6. LOVE the cover. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And I love the synopsis; I am dying to know what the secret is.

    Do you have a release date yet?

    (I also read about Book 3’s sale on your agents website… AWESOME!!!)

  7. LOVE the adorable cover! (Pink is always the best choice) Now I just have to pre-order 4,000 copies for me and all of my friends…..

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