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So much to share!!!

Book 2 has a maybe title: THE SPACE BETWEEN US.  No clue how maybe it is.  I’ll let you know when I do.

Book 2 has a maybe cover: I can’t show you, but it is BEAUTIFUL and I absolutely love it!  From the moment it magically appeared in my inbox on Friday, I’ve been smiling.  It’s pink.  And I love it—did I say that already?  Because I do love it.  If my 16-year-old self had any idea that I would write books and the first two would be PINK, that girl would be thrilled and then she would vomit into a trash can.  But at 32, I’m no longer denying my love for the girlie color.   In fact I’m considering painting my walls the shade of Pepto Bismol.  My husband has not been consulted on that, but it may be one of those things where it’s better just to do it and ask his opinion later.

So why can’t I show this cover?  Because it’s nowhere near final—editorial loves it, but marketing, publicity, and sales are yet to see it.  So if in a couple of weeks I reveal a bright green book cover with the title RADIOACTIVE SWAMP PEOPLE, it’s because they’ve decided to take things in a different direction.

And now it is time to confess weird things.  After staring at the cover for a long time, I realized the sweater on one of the girls—Amelia, my protag, the girl whose head I’ve been living in for over a year—is really cute.  Extremely cute.  I should mention that I stayed up till 3 a.m. on Friday night finishing my first pass pages, so I was really in Amelia’s mind at that point, and totally out of my own.  Anyway, I thought “I kind of want that sweater.  No, I really want that sweater.  Wait, I freaking deserve that sweater!!!  GET ME THE SWEATER, PEOPLE!”

So I did what I do every time I get a self-entitled thought, and emailed my editor.  She sent me the link to Anthropologie but because I am way too impatient to wait for anything in the mail, I dragged my whole family down to the Mall of Millenia and bought myself Amelia’s sweater.  (Except I bought orange instead of grey, but that’s because I don’t have a pink wash on my life and it looked a little bland.)  And here it is.

Now you have almost seen my book cover.  Subtract 15 years off this woman’s age and give her longer hair, add a taller, blonder sister, and wash the whole thing in the prettiest shade of pink you can imagine.  And that’s my cover.

Also, to celebrate finishing my first pass pages I decided to take a little break and enjoy the gift my editor sent me.  It’s a cookbook called Cutie Pies.  I let my cutie pie assistant choose our first recipe, and here we are making Mini Key Lime Pies.

7 thoughts on “Cover Sweater Reveal

  1. I use to be the same way. When I was a kid I loved pink and denied that faze for so long. Then I admitted my love for the colour again and when a little crazy with how much I didn’t want to deny it any more by buying everything in pink. Mobile phone, gadgets, pillows, storage boxes and more for a year, but have calm down since 🙂

    Congrats on finishing your first pass pages!

  2. Feels good to get over hating something that you hate just because you’re not supposed to hate it, right?

    Wow. If anyone can figure out what that means, I’m impressed.

  3. I can’t wait to see the cover! You are making me so excited for it. If they use the cover you love, I think we should all go out and get that sweater and wear it when your book comes out 🙂 JK but I’m really glad that things are moving forward and that you got a really cute sweater out of it 🙂

  4. I really like the title–and I am sure I will like the one you finally go with, if it isn’t this. I thought Cruel to be Kind was fine and I was interested in what it would be about, but The Space Btwn Us is more original and impressive. Did you care? 🙂 Cute sweater (you totally deserved the Anthro splurge) and cute apron, too. Congrats on cranking these wonderful books out! It feels like it was last month that I stayed up all night reading Virtuosity on my laptap in bed bc I wanted to find out what happened even though I knew what would happen in my real life the next day as a result.

  5. Thanks Alexandra! Yeah, I don’t think I could’ve come up with a better excuse for an Anthro splurge. As far as title, my brain was about to explode with all the different possibilities, but I think I’ve come to love The Space Between Us.

  6. The first book I have ever bought, beside school books, was just the other day at Barnes & Noble. the book was called Virtuosity. I am only half way through it, due to volleyball practices, school and work, but i love it. I’m so excited to read this next book and i totally love “The Space Between Us” as a title. I feel like it would be appropriate just based off the little excerpt you’ve given. Your work is amazing and it’s so awesome that i actually know you too. Thank you thank you thank you!

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