How Peer Pressure and Reverse Psychology Are Ruining My Life

Me: I’m not running a marathon this year.
Husband:  Thank goodness.
Me: Hold me to that, please.
Husband: Gladly.
One Whole Day Later
Brother: Do you want to run the St. George Marathon with me next October?  All the siblings are doing it.
Me: I don’t know.  My book is coming out that month.  Not sure if it’s a good idea.
Brother: You probably shouldn’t do it then.  You’d probably just stress yourself out trying to qualify for Boston, or re-injure your hamstring, or something.
Me: Screw it.  I’ll be there.

And if that wasn’t enough, then I came across this picture of the last race we ran together and got all nostalgic.  It was the Grizzly Half-Marathon in Choteau Montana, five years ago.  He placed THIRD OVERALL, and I placed first in my own very small category of women breastfeeding at both the start and finish line.
Now I just need somebody to peer pressure/reverse psychology me out of running a marathon next October.  Any volunteers?  Or just come and run it with us.  Trust me, it’ll be fun.  There might be tears, vomiting, chaffing, fainting, and/or bleeding, but it’ll be fun.

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