Me again?

Guys. It’s been forever. I’ll spare you all my lame excuses, because if you’re actually reading this then I love you, and I definitely don’t want to bore you.

Bottom line: I love to blog. I want to blog. So I’m dipping my baby toe back into it, hoping I can make time for it.

Let’s start with some highlights from THE VOW book launch in October. Better late than never, right?


Me signing books with what my daughter calls “rainbow hair.” Sometimes as a mom you have to decide to take things as a compliment. Rainbow hair has now faded and grown out. Not sure if I’m going to continue to paint it with all the colors of the wind.


Me: Please don’t get that ring pop in your hair.

Her: Already did, lady.

Him: Stop talking, I’m trying to read my book.


IMG_5840 copy

Random, bald, slightly square-headed baby trying to climb away from a devastatingly handsome man. I think she was actually taking a breath between wails when this picture was taken.




Writer friends!!! Lauren Gibaldi Mathur on the left. Her first book is THE NIGHT WE SAID YES (HarperTeen, 2015). If you’re local, you may also recognize her as the charming youth librarian at the Alafaya library. And that’s Jenny Sanchez on the right, author of THE DOWNSIDE OF BEING CHARLIE and DEATH, DICKINSON, AND THE DEMENTED LIFE OF FRENCHIE GARCIA (Running Press). I linked them because you’ll like them.




Amy Lopez, the woman who took these pictures. I’m not friends with her because she takes fabulous pictures. I’m just saying it doesn’t hurt our friendship. Her facebook page, should you want her.


This was the appropriate picture taken of my lovely friend Sarah. Special bonus for those of you were at the launch, who got the less G-rated posing. That’s all I’m going to say.


He has sugar. He has Rick Riordan. There may be stuff going on around him, but really, who cares.



My running friend, Carmen. Great name, right? And she’s posing behind VIRTUOSITY. Cue Twilight Zone music.

IMG_5832 copybw

This is starting to feel like a lot of pictures of me, but I wanted to put this last one in, because I thought Amy did such a lovely job with it.

Alright friends, thanks for jumping back in with me. Oh, and one more thing about my blog: It’s a lot more fun to help promote other people’s books than yammer on about my own all the time, so I’m going to be posting about YA books from friends and colleagues that I’ve either read and loved or that look interesting to me. (Like Jeri Smith-Ready’s below.) I hope you find them interesting too.

One thought on “Me again?

  1. I really like your book Virtuosity. It was really good I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed it because I play the violin as well so I very much understood the music that Carmen had to play. I’m not a professional though. I’m an amateur violinist so I play for fun because it makes me happy. I hope to keep on continuing though and to maybe land into a job one day who knows? But for now I play just for fun. But yeah good job for Virtuosity it’s a good one.

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