On the Road…


I’m coming to visit!  And I need your help with the following items:

  1. Seattlites, Seattlers, Seattlonians—what gives?  What do you call yourselves?  My spellcheck says none of the above and I’m too lazy to google it.
  2. Do I really need a rain jacket?
  3. Can we be friends even if I don’t drink coffee, or is that grounds for public flogging?
  4. Thanks for the grunge movement.  That was very comfortable.  Sorry, not a question.
  5. Will you come see me?  Stages On Pages (book tour of YA and MG authors who write about the arts) will be reading/signing/jamming at the following times and places:


Thursday 3 NOVEMBER – Secret Garden Books, Seattle at 7 pm
Jessica Martinez, Tara Kelly, Rosanne Parry, Stasia Kehoe, Louise Spiegler – with teen actors from Seattle Children’s Theater!

Friday 4 NOVEMBER – Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park at 4 PM
Jessica Martinez, Tara Kelly, Conrad Wesselhoeft, Rosanne Parry, Stasia Kehoe, Louise Spiegler

Saturday 5 NOVEMBER – Orca Books, Olympia at 4 PM
Jessica Martinez, Tara Kelly, Conrad Wesselhoeft, Stasia Kehoe, Louise Spiegler

Sunday 6 November – A Children’s Place Books, Portland at 2 PM
Tara Kelly, Stasia Kehoe, Conrad Wesselhoeft, Jessica Martinez – with special guest Sara Gunderson of NovelNovice.com

Here’s the Stages On Pages book trailer, put together by Stasia Kehoe (whose book AUDITION is absolutely amazing, so drop whatever you’re doing and run to a bookstore right now!)


I’m getting so excited!  These authors are a crazy multi-talented bunch–I’m talking about creativity oozing from their pores.  The events are definitely going to be unique and a lot of fun.  So, yeah.  Come.   I’ll be the one in the tube top with the fruit turban.  Just kidding, I’ll be the one who looks exactly like my author photo.  Oh, and check out the Stages On Pages website for more info on our tour stops.  Next week we’ll be in The Big Apple…

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