So I’ve Been Out of Town…

Here’s proof:

Stages on Pages at Books of Wonder in NYC.  I still can’t believe this really happened–seriously? I signed at Books of Wonder?  And listening to owner Peter Glassman talk about theater afterwards was a trip.  Unforgettable night.

Stasia Kehoe and I were wandering around New York doing, ahem, writerly things, when we saw this ad for Snooki’s book signing.  It’s hard to see her, but we’re imitating her pose.  Now Snooki, aside from being a style maven and all around upstanding citizen, SELLS BOOKS, so we thought we’d sponge off her glory a little.  This picture was on Twitter last week, so I’m watching for the spike in sales.  Any day now…


The Voracious Reader in Larchmont, NY.  This is such a charming store and the owner, Francine Lucidon, was so gracious.  This event we had a ton of musicians participating too.

The Dolphin Bookstore in Port Washington, New Hampshire.  Loved it.  And by this point on the tour we were getting punchy.  By punchy I mean unable to look at each other mid-presentation for fear of getting the giggles.  So professional.   I blame Gretchen McNeil (far right).

Why did I have to be talked into this?  Conrad Wesselhoeft brought his guitar and people kept suggesting we jam.  Over and over  I explained, “I don’t know how to jam!” before someone (Stasia?) told me to shut up, sit down, and play.  I did, and it turns out I sorta do know how to jam.  Who knew?

Having fun at A Children’s Place in Portland, Oregon, and nobody is looking at the camera.  In our defense, there were about ten cameras. 

East Side Catholic School, Sammamish, Washington.  I loved this school–reminded me of my own Catholic High School past. 

Things I learned on the road:

1.  I need a new suitcase.

2.  My family does just fine without me and then makes me pay dearly upon return.  Currency? Temper tantrums.  Frequency increased tenfold after every trip.

3.  Going to the Simon &Schuster offices is akin to winning the Miss America Pageant.  It’s better though, because you don’t have to Vaseline your teeth or use double-sided tape to keep your dress in place.  At least I didn’t.  But maybe if I had, I’d have left with a bigger tiara.

4.  Just because they’re super nice to you at S&S doesn’t mean the whole world loves you.  The magic dust wore off pretty quickly, and once I stepped away from Rockefeller Center random strangers were giving me the finger again.  Ah, New York…  Just kidding, the big apple-ites were all fabulous (except for that one idiot cabby—YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!)

5.  I am the last person in the universe without a smartphone.  Being a Luddite is not as cool as you might think.

6.  The LAX airport is the stupidest airport I have ever encountered.  It is to airports what my cellphone is to every other phone out there.

7.  Garmin, good.  Innate sense of direction, bad.

8.  I love book sellers.  All of them.  I nearly asked a few of them to adopt me (no offense, Mom and Dad) so I could move into their stores.

9.  I hate granola bars.  They taste like bark and dirt.

10.  Not being able to decide which boots you like best is not a good reason to pack multiple pairs of boots on a relatively short trip.

11.  It’s hard to take the Amtrak when you can barely lift your own suitcase.  Boots are heavy.

4 thoughts on “So I’ve Been Out of Town…

  1. It sounds like so much fun! Just so you know you are not the last person without a smart phone, mine is a very dumb phone and Jacob is trying to convince me to change over when our contract is up. I think he just wants a smart phone so he can play angry birds 🙂 Keep the updates coming. I love reading about everything.

  2. I like my dumb phone too. Steve always is trying to convince me that i want the smart phone.. and I think the only reason why I would switch is so I can get my email anywhere.. but then again, I like the fact that i can get a way from the internet for a split second and not be bothered.. I do like the dumb phone..

  3. Loved reading about your trip. It was so cool that you had a book signing at Books of Wonder in NYC. When we were there in January – I know who goes to NY in January?!! That’s another story – but Steve looked up places he wanted to go to and Books of Wonder was one of them. Such a great place. Did you have a cupcake while you were there? (By the way we went to NY in January because Keith Jarrett was playing a solo concert at Carnegie Hall and that was on Steves bucket list.).

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