Guess what arrived?

World, meet Virtuosity!  Virtuosity, meet world! 

This is my advanced reader copy (ARC), and my new favorite child.  (Note to my biological children: maybe if you bickered less and remembered to say please you would still be in the running for that title.)  It’ll be a little different in October when it’s in stores: hardcover, typo-free, bio/acknowledgments/dedication updated, but otherwise the same.

It got here on Thursday.  My husband was out of town and my five-year-old was at school, so just the three-year-old and I were around to document Virtuosity’s first few hours at Casa Martinez. We spent the morning running around, giggling, taking pictures, and now I will subject you all to a ridiculous number of photos of our shenanigans.

The camera still functions, but it may smell like peanut butter.

First of all, this is my lovely, faceless assistant.

The music stand seemed like an appropriate place to start.

On top of my husband’s guitar case.  He believes in that sticker, by the way.

Hanging out with the my violin and my assistant’s violin.

On the top bunk and preparing to do battle with C3P0, a battle droid, and anyone else who gets in the way.

Because I just wanted to see what it would look like on my kitchen floor.  As you can see, we opted not to clean first.  We were way too giddy for that lameness.

Hiding in my bookcase.  That’s my “Hmmm, what should I read?” face.  Virtuosity is in between My Antonia and Watership Down.  Of course. 

I should feel more embarrassed about posting such dorkiness (that last picture especially) but I don’t.  As anyone who has read more than a few posts on this blog knows, I have no shame.


On a slightly more serious note, people keep asking me how it feels to hold my book.  Ahhh, the rainbow of emotions.  Where do I begin?  Honestly, at first I just felt…


That’s probably not normal, but I’m used to my emotions being a little off.  (This is unrelated, but when something really sad happens I know it’ll be about 24 hours before I have a good cry about it.  More than once I’ve considered poking myself in the eye with a stick so I can tear up with everyone else and not look like a heartless android.)

Don’t worry, the giddiness came later, but the THANK GOODNESS was definitely first.  The book is beautiful and I love it, and I didn’t realize until I was actually holding it how worried I was that I wouldn’t love it.  Weird?  Maybe.

I think it’s about control.  I had complete control over what I put inside the book, but zero, or very little, over the outside.  And this is my baby!  The good news is I couldn’t be more thrilled with the finished product, so fyewf.  That’s my own spelling, by the way.  Feel free to use it like it’s a real word. 

6 thoughts on “Guess what arrived?

  1. yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! I’m so excited for you. I love that you took pictures of it everywhere like it was a newborn baby. Maybe you should swaddling your book. Also, I LOVE your outfit, you look soo cute! Enjoy some self serve yogurt for me will you?

  2. I am so excited for you! I loved the book tour throughout your house, it looks like you had tons on fun. I can’t wait until October to get my own copy.

  3. Thanks Barbara, we did have a ton of fun. Some of the pics that didn’t make it up here are beyond silly.

    Jen, you’re too sweet! The only reason I don’t look homeless in these pictures is because I had a dr. appt. that day, and I don’t like my doctor to know I look like a homeless woman the majority of the time. I’m my mother’s daughter, I guess, except she dresses up every day, not just for dr. appts., so maybe not.

    Oh, and you’d better believe I got soft serve to celebrate. Ah red velvet cake fro yo, how I love thee…

  4. It’s like a birthday! I feel like we need a party–balloons, cake and all. Sadly we are thousands of kilometers apart so maybe I’ll go on line and see if there are any singing balloon men in gorilla suits who could drop by and surprise you. I loved the book tour through the house. It was kind of like showing the newest member of the family where they would be living now. Is the book allowed to come with you to Mexico? I can’t wait to see it.

  5. Jessica, you’re awesome! Your book is awesome!! I’m so happy for you!!! Yes, I am your mother-in-law, but I swear to all who read this blog that you didn’t ask me to say nice things about you and your book. You really ARE awesome!

  6. You guys are too nice! It’s almost like you’re anticipating Mother’s Day gifts…

    I’m definitely bringing the book to Mexico. It’ll be the one in a sombrero holding a bottle of Tequila.

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