UK Cover Love

Lots of good news today! 

First, I give you Virtuosity’s United Kingdom cover.  I love it.  I think it’s gorgeous, but if asked which I like better, I honestly don’t know.  Or I think I know, and then I change my mind five minutes later.  Thoughts? 

It’s so different than than the American cover, and there are things I’m drawn to in both.  I’m hesitant to say which things though, because I like to hear what people like or dislike without my ever-changing opinion muddying things.  It definitely makes me excited to see the others… 

And speaking of others, Chinese and German subrights have sold!  Actually, it’s simplified Chinese.  I’m not sure what that means, but I really hope it doesn’t mean everything but nouns and verbs get taken out.  That would be weird.

Last but definitely not least, I found out that Virtuosity has been chosen as a Junior Library Guild Selection!  I’m celebrating by going to the library today and paying my fines.  Yes, AGAIN.  And yes, I did just pay fines before I went to ALA (it seemed wrong to go frolick with librarians when my fines were just a hair over $10.)  Here’s the excuse I give my husband who is curious about my inability to use the library for free: I’ve got a lot of books, CDs, DVDs, etc. coming and going for a lot of different people (okay, me and two kids) and it’s easy to lose track when you’re out of town and everything has a different due date and you think you still have one more renewal but you don’t–and it’s still cheaper than buying every single book I need to read (and I do buy a ton of books too), so what’s the big deal?  That is all.  I love libraries.  And librarians.  And especially the Junior Library Guild. 

In fact, I’m giving an assignment: everyone, go and find a librarian to kiss.  Librarians, consider yourselves warned.

8 thoughts on “UK Cover Love

  1. Thank you! That’s what I figured, but it still made me smile to think of it chopped down to the bare minimum!

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Congratulations, about having the subrights sold in Chinese and German. Do you know if the German translation will be abridged? It tends to be when books are translated with few exceptions.

    I like the the way Virtuosity is written, but personally if I had to choose between the US and UK version, it would be US. I love the pink and the way the model is throwing her hair back.

    Not matter what version I end up getting, I’m looking forward to reading it 🙂

  3. eeeeeeeeek. i love the UK cover sooo much! man, Virtuosity’s cover designers are awesomeee.

    also, congrats on selling the Chinese and German subrights. simplified Chinese, I mean 😛

    and on a random note: they should TOTALLY make a movie based on Virtuosity. I mean, I can totally imagine how cool it’d be. and how hot Jeremy would be…

    Uh, anyway, yeah. Again, love the cover!


  4. I don’t know if they’ll abridge it in German. Hmmm, something to ask about…

    I’m glad you love guys are loving the cover! And Aleeza, if you know some Hollywood types who feel like making Virtuosity into a movie, then by all means, make my dreams come true.

  5. I think I like the US cover better. It’s much more striking on a bookshelf. That’s not to say the UK cover isn’t lovely. I think I would like the UK cover better if there was a violin in it somewhere to make it stand out more.

  6. Simplified chinese = not in Taiwan, only mainland = weak sauce. Please arrange for it to be available in Taiwan while we’re there. That is all.

  7. Serge, you overestimate my influence. Meaning I have none. But if I did, I’d have it translated into Taiwanese and hand-delivered to you.

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