Eeek, I’m doing it!  Here’s my very first vlog.  It’s a little violin explanation and some actual violin playing at the end.  I accidentally cut out the name of the excerpt I’m playing.  It’s Zigeunerweisen by Pablo de Sarasate.  Say that ten times fast.

9 thoughts on “Vlogging!

  1. Oh I wanted you to keep playing! I absolutely adore that piece! It’s one of my favorite violin pieces of all time. I normally prefer classical piano pieces since that is my musical background but there are a handful of violin and cello pieces that I just love and that is one of them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m so glad! I spent forever trying to decide what to play, but in the end, I couldn’t say no to the wild gypsy music!

  3. Oh, I absolutely adored the playing! It sounded so great. Not that I know anything about music, because I totally don’t, but I thought it sounded amazing. =)

  4. Jessica, it was beautiful, as usual. Wish I could hear you play more often. For a future “vlog” I have an idea – “The Devil Goes Down to Georgia!” Seriously, you have much to be proud of, and I’m proud of you for all of it.(Is it a little creepy having your mother-in-law checking out your blog?)

  5. Not creepy at all, Linda! I love that you read it! And I can’t do the Devil Went Down to Georgia without Mark, so you should start working on him.

  6. Jessica, I enjoyed listening to you tell about your background and listening to your violin playing. To think – you and your siblings serenaded me in my living room many years ago. Now you are famous!! Can I have your autograph? šŸ™‚ If your book was out in Canada before summer I’d have you sign my copy. But alas . . . I’ll have to wait for that. Keep up the great work.

  7. Jessica you play so beautifully. I have heard you play in church but I knew that had to be very calm and mild compared to what you can really do – so I am glad to get to hear you play this piece. I love it. It is amazing how much work you have put into developing your many talents. Thank you for sharing them with everyone.

  8. I loved to hear your voice and your playing of your violin. I miss that. It was good to hear the music at Gramma’s wedding.

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